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Cordless Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap, Microwavable Heat Therapy for Hair, Portable, Reversible Pink Punch

Cordless Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap, Microwavable Heat Therapy for Hair, Portable, Reversible Pink Punch

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  • INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS of HAIR DEEP CONDITIONING: Heat helps the conditioner penetrate the hair follicle much more effectively, taking your hair deep conditioning and oil treatments to the next level. Simply place in microwave for a little over a 1 minute and gently deliver heat to hair for 30 minutes.
  • CONSISTENT and EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Our unique design and placement of the linseed a.k.a. flaxseed inside each bonnet ensures heat radiating through the entire cap evenly and gently. Linseed is one of the best options in retaining moisture and can be re-warmed time and time again.
  • PORTABLE and CORDLESS: Lightweight and portability allows for flexibility and freedom while conditioning. Great for traveling and can also be used as a small warming pack or mini warming pillow.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Reusable and can be reheated time and time again.
  • HIGH QUALITY, SOFT MATERIAL: Very comfortable design with outer material made from MICROFIBER COTTON for a soft, comfy feel and NYLON for a natural stretch to fit most head sizes, hair volumes and lengths.

Product Description

Our mission is to make your hair maintenance experience better with high quality, optimally designed products. We want to be apart of your hair care regimen to help you meet your hair goals whether it's length and/or moisture retention, prolonging hairstyles, or overall hair health. This haircare brand features satin bonnets, shower caps, deep conditioning heat caps, hooded dryers and satin scarves varying in several different colors.

The Glow by Daye Conditioning Heat Cap is perfect for those looking for a convenient, comfortable, effective way to maintain the health and look of their hair. Promotes hair health and growth.

Glow by Daye Heat Cap offers many benefits

  • Made with soft Microfiber Cotton for comfort and wearability
  • Made with flaxseed for consistent, gentle heat retention over time
  • Uniquely stitched design to radiate heat to entire head
  • Elastic perimeter to fit over most head sizes and hair
  • Highest quality of material for durability
  • Reversible for versatility
  • Fully cordless for portability and convenience

The cap has an elastic band around the perimeter which allows it to fit on most all head sizes including children. It is designed to fit snug to the head for the heat to be closer to the hair.

  • Head Opening Circumference (rested): 16" around
  • Head Opening Circumference (stretched to capacity): 40" around

Glow By Daye Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Are you looking for shinier, fuller or longer hair?

Invest in your hair maintenance today with the Glow by Daye Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap. Our uniquely designed caps provide approximately 30 minutes of even, gentle heat. Perfect during your deep conditioning, oil treatments or D.I.Y. conditioning sessions. Applying heat during these processes allows your hair follicles to better and more effectively absorb the moisture and those nutrients, thus bettering the health and state of your hair.

  • Increase Effectiveness of Hair Deep Conditioning
  • Consistent and Even Heat Distribution
  • Portable and Cordless
  • High Quality and Soft Material


Inside each cap contains flaxseed, a flower seed that has the ability to hold and retain heat much more effectively than other options over time reheat after reheat.


Our cordless, lightweight design is perfect to be used while doing your everyday chores or lounging around the house. No need to be stuck in one place under a dryer, get moving with this portable option.


Made with soft microfiber cotton, cotton, and nylon you can rest assured this cap is gentle to the head, the scalp, and edges. No bulky design.

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High Quality Material Soft Microfiber Cotton, Cotton and Nylon Waterproof Material 100% Charmeuse LuxStretch Satin High Grade Satin Material Satin Inside with a Comfortable Waterproof PVC Material on the Outside
Hair Type All Hair Types All Hair Types All Hair Types All Hair Types All Hair Types
Size One Size Fits Most One Size Fits Most One Size Fits Most One Size Fits Most One Size Fits Most
Uses/Goal Condition Condition and Style Style and Protect Protect Condition and Protect
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