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Organic Sea Moss | 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Sun-Dried | Makes 65Oz of Sea Moss Gel | Gold, Purple (Gold)

Organic Sea Moss | 100% Wildcrafted, Raw, Sun-Dried | Makes 65Oz of Sea Moss Gel | Gold, Purple (Gold)

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It’s Highly Nutritious.

It’s fine to be skeptical of pop culture calling any new ingredient a superfood. However, sea moss is actually beneficial and highly nutritious. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) FoodData Central, sea moss is chock-full of vitamins and minerals. Aiding Gut Health with prebiotics and probiotics.

Good for Thyroid Health.

For your thyroid to function normally, it needs certain minerals. One of the most vital minerals needed for producing important hormones is iodine. Foods and diets with sufficient iodine are essential for maintaining good thyroid health. Fortunately, sea moss does exactly this. A single gram of sea moss contains 47 mg of iodine, making it an excellent source of iodine.

Aiding Weight Loss

Another important sea moss benefit is that it may help you with weight loss. One study showed the effectiveness of a compound called fucoxanthin in breaking down and metabolizing fat, while another showed a reduction in body fat mass and body weight for adults who consumed red seaweed extract. While some of these have yet to be replicated and a lot of the research focuses on different compounds within sea moss, these are promising results.

Helping With Fatigue

Do you suffer from fatigue and exhaustion? Sea moss is a superfood that may help resolve this issue. Some promising research has shown that sea moss supplements helped with fatigue, pain, and exhaustion. 100% NATURAL AND SAFE - This superfood sea moss is filler free and has Zero preservatives. Easy to use, tasteless and odorless. Vegan, GMO-Free, 100% organic, Gluten free, MPA, and paleo friendly

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