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Cigar Humidor and Cigar Ashtray Set,Wooden Ashtray with Cigar Jar Tray, Cigar Cutter Holder, Drawer, Cigar Slot, and Cigar Cutter,Home and Office Cigar Accessories Gift Sets for Men

Cigar Humidor and Cigar Ashtray Set,Wooden Ashtray with Cigar Jar Tray, Cigar Cutter Holder, Drawer, Cigar Slot, and Cigar Cutter,Home and Office Cigar Accessories Gift Sets for Men

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  • Perfect combination:Wooden cigar humidor tray with detachable removable cigar ashtray,stainless steel cigar cutter and sealed humidor.unique design combinations,making it perfect for cigar lovers to enjoy and preserve cigars.let your life easier and more fun.
  • Fashion Design:Clear cigar jar made of acrylic. The waist was surrounded by gold coating design, exquisite and beautiful;the lid made of solid wood with rubber gasket,can maintains humidity inside the cigar box.convenient to maintain the fullness of the cigar for a long time and stop the moisture loss of the cigar.the cigar box can hold approximately 14-18 cigars,meet for your cigar storage needs.
  • High-end and durable:The tray made of high-grade solid wood, solid structure, high-end atmosphere.removable aluminum ashtray,durable,It means that this ashtray can used longer,stay with you longer
  • Convenient to Use:Portable cigar ashtray with two cigar slots and the small drawer used for storage some cigar accessories(as lighter,cigar punch and so on),The entire tray is coated with protective layer,and come with a metal ashtray,not only easy to clean and easy to put back,Effectively protects ashtrays from burning.Cigar boxes come with cedar wood piece to ensure your cigars taste unique.
  • Best Gift:This multifunctional cigar box set is both practical and beautiful, perfect for cigar lovers, a high end cigar gift set for fathers, husbands, colleagues, and neighbors. The cigar box and cigar ashtray set is a festive gift for men's birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or Christmas.

Product Description

Why Choose US?

SEMKONT focused on providing high quality cigar accessories,Innovative design and the best materials ensure the production of superior products.cigar box tray natural solid wood, sturdy and durable;Exquisite portable cigar humidor,keeps cigar fresh,perfect combination,affordable high-end and elegant.Every product is strictly selected and tested.aim to provide cigar lovers with more comfortable experience.

  1. The transparent cigar case design allows you to observe the condition of your cigars at any time without having to open the lid.
  2. Equipped with cigar humidifier,can keep cigars at an ideal humidity level of 65% to 75% to prevent them from drying out.
  3. On the top of the cigar case embedded in a high precision hygrometer to accurately monitor the humidity moisture and ensure the optimal humidity of the cigar.
  4. Large capacity space can hold 14-18 cigars, enough for your personal storage needs.
  5. Cigar boxes matching ashtrays, the perfect combination, elegant and practical appearance, is the excellent decoration for home, bar and other place.

Package Included

  • 1 x Acrylic cigar jar (rectangular)
  • 1 x solid wood cigar tray
  • 1x Aluminum ashtray
  • 1 x Cigar cutter
  • 1 x Hygrometer
  • 1x Humidifier
  • 1x Cedar wood piece
  • 1 x Dropper

Rubber Sealing Ring

High quality cream colored rubber gasket ensures complete sealing of the container and effectively prevents air leakage.Keep cigar's flavor in a long time,and effective in preventing moisture loss,thus maintaining the aroma of the cigar.

Precision Hygrometer

Adjustable digital hygrometer,According to the experience of most cigar box users,We recommend using the default values of the hygrometer,ready to use without adjustment.The appropriate humidity can be freely adjusted by observing the hygrometer's digital display.

Cigar Humidifier

When there is a change of humidity inner the cigar box,You can use the dropper add water into the humidifier and put it to the cigar jar,closed the sealed lid,then can up to the ideal humidity level in your cigar box.

Removable Ashtray

Removable metal ashtray,superior quality,Easy to clean and put back,effectively avoid ashtrays not burned,both exquisite beauty and practical portable ashtray.

Accessories Drawer

Cigar humidor tray and cigar ashtray combination,Unique and innovative push-pull drawer box,Convenient for you storage cigar accessories(Such as cigar punches, cigar cutters, cigar lighters, matches, etc.),Make you taste and enjoy cigar with hassle-free.

Cigar Humidor Tray

Innovative rectangular recess,Specially designed for cigar jar,Brand new solid wood made, sturdy and wearable,and easy to use.

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